FTB-002E Retractable Door 2Port Fiber Optic Custom Box

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FTB-002E Retractable Door 2Port Fiber Optic Terminal Box

The characteristics of the product:

Modern design concept, graceful appearance and convenience operation.

.  Desktop or Wall mounted, white color, graceful style and good adaptability to environment.

.  Made of high quality ABS, anti-collision, flame retardant, resistance to impact.

  All the materials complied with ROHS standard.

.  Embedded type surface, easy for installation and removal.

.  With retractable protective door, dust proof.

.  Fiber cable inlets in every direction, supports the cable inlets for different scenarios.

.  Cable fixing units(Tie-warps) provided for fixing the input optical cable.

.  Remarkable laser warning identification.


Dimension: (H*W*D) (mm): 82 X 128 X 24, Weight (kg): 0.051kg/pc

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