FTB-104B Plastic Shell 4 Ports Fiber Customer Terminal Box

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FTB-104B Plastic Shell 4 Ports Fiber Customer Terminal Box


FTTH model of Fiber Optic Terminal Box is a newly developed by our company for application of FTTH. The box is light

and compact, especially suitable for protective connection of fiber cables and pigtails in FTTH.


1. Features of the box

1.1 This box could be used for wall-mounted and desktop-mounted applications;

1.2 The base and cover of the box adopts “self-clip” method, which is easy and convenient to open and close;

1.3 Could be used for adaptors such as SC,FC, LC Duplex;

1.4 The max capacity is 4 fibers;2. The fiber route and main components of the box


2. Main Technical Indexes

5.1 Environmental Temperature:-25°C~40°C;

5.2 Max capacity: 4 fibers;

5.3 Suitable types of fiber cables: 4 fibers indoor fiber cables;

5.4 Dimension: 150*110*30mm  Weight: 200g/pc

The product is used in the end termination of residential building and villas to fix and splice with pigtails. It can be installed on the wall, and adapt variety of optical
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