1-2Cores Fiber Optic Drop Cable GJYXCH/GJXFH

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1-2Cores Fiber Optic Drop Cable GJYXCH/GJXFH

Cable Description:

FTTH Cable directly connected to their homes, their bandwidth, wavelength and transmission technology type are not restricted. The optical fiber unit id positioned in the centre. Two parallel strength member are placed at the two sides. A steel wire as the additional strength member is also applied ,then, the cable is completed with a black HDPE sheath.


Adopted to outdoor level and vertical distribution.

Suitable for connect with communication equipment.

Long distance and local area network communication.



Fiber TypeMax. Attenuation
Min.Overfill Launch
Bandwidth (Mhz.km)
Min.Gigabit Ethernet
Link Distance (m)
OM1 62.5/125µm≤2.7≤0.6≥500≥600275550
OM2 50/125µm≤2.3≤0.6≥500≥500750600150
OM3 50/125µm≤2.3≤0.6≥1500≥5001000600300
OM4 50/125µm≤2.3≤0.6≥3500≥5001100600550
G652D 9/125µm≤0.30≤0.18
G657A 9/125µm≤0.35≤0.21

ANSI/TIA/EIA-598-B Standard Fiber Color Code

Fiber NumberFiber ColorFiber NumberFiber Color
Fiber 1BlueFiber 7Red
Fiber 2OrangeFiber 8Black
Fiber 3GreenFiber 9Yellow
Fiber 4BrownFiber 10Purple
Fiber 5GrayFiber 11Pink
Fiber 6WhiteFiber 12Aqua
Fiber 13 and higher The color code is repeated with added black stripe or dash
Note: Fiber Tube color will be followed with same order.


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